Green Deal Schemes

Building a brighter future using renewable energy.

Green Deal Schemes

Green Deal Schemes

  • More than 45 energy efficient home improvements available
  • Up to approximately £10,000 worth of Green Deal finance available per person
  • Pay back the Green Deal finance over 25 years or less

What is The Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a Government incentive, put in place to encourage you to take advantage of some of the 45 plus energy efficient home improvements including solar panels, draft proofing and insulation but without any of the upfront costs. This in turn will help reduce energy bills, and your carbon footprint.

There is up to approximately £10,000 of Green Deal finance available per person, depending on the type of energy efficient home improvement you install. In order to qualify for Green Deal finance, there is one golden rule to follow-

‘The potential savings must be greater than the initial cost of the improvements’.

Payback and savings

Once you have received your Green Deal finance, it
can be paid back over a period of up to 25 years.
The savings you make from carrying out the
energy efficient improvements could be used
for this. Once the initial cost is repaid, the
savings will be yours to enjoy.

There is also cash back available for a limited
amount of Green Deal customers; this however,
is on a first come first serve basis. Cash back
amounts vary depending on the amount of energy
efficient improvements carried out, but could be
up to £1000.

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