Thermodynamic Panels

Building a brighter future using renewable energy.

Thermodynamic Panels

Thermodynamic Panels

  • Operates even when its as low as -15 degrees outside
  • Can be fitted to any wall or roof, even if it's not south facing

Why choose Thermodynamic Panels?

Thermodynamic panels are an exciting innovation in the world of renewable energy.

They can still operate even when it’s less than -15 degrees
outside. This is great news for UK homeowners, as we
are used to less than perfect weather conditions.

As well as being maintenance free, thermodynamic
panels are also straightforward to install. You will
usually only require one panel that can be fitted to
any wall or roof; even if it’s not south facing.
Therefore they do not have to effect the appearance
of your property, so you can keep your neighbours happy!

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